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Aside from the obvious reasons (tastes AMAZING and convenient as) let’s dig a little deeper as to why I love my prosper meals so much.

Intro to me (as most of you would know) I’m Lisa Trujillo Owner of Lisa Trujillo Active Wear and if you’re keeping up with me (www.instagram.com/keepingupwithLT_) you’ll see that I’m nothing short of busy and I know I’m not alone. Some of you may run your own business’ or be working multiple jobs or have kids that you’re juggling with household duties… the list goes on!

You can probably all connect with being hardly able to switch off (more on how to do this in my upcoming blogs) and with always something to do managing my time is has to be a HUGE priority.

I always want to be the most productive version of me so where I can save time without cutting corners, I do. This means I have more time for creativity, self-care and running my events alongside my Active Wear range PLUS everything else in my day. Prosper helps me to tick off a bunch of things on my list.

With prosper I can;

  • Eat clean while on the go with my super busy schedule
  • Be more productive by using my time elsewhere rather than spending my weekends meal prepping.
  • Get my 5 serves of veggies in a day
  • Stay on track towards my health and fitness goals
  • Curb my cravings by filling me up with delicious well-balanced meals that take me less than 2 minutes to prepare

Without prosper I know it would be a lot tougher trying to eat clean, and consistent and stay on track with my goals. My personal favourites are the Litzel Wrap (I often eat this cold) & the Mustard Lamb & Veg Smash. 

Plus prosper is not your typical pre-packaged bland meal;

  • There’s over 30 options and they continue to expand their range
  • They are packed full of goodness and flavour with a mixture
  • They are fresh not frozen – and let me tell you this makes a world of difference
  • They lasts up to 7 days in the fridge with their special packaging
  • They also only use cold pressed organic coconut oil which means they really help me stick with my macros

Orders need to be made on Sunday before 10pm to have yours delivered that following Thursday.

Whether you’re a busy Parent, Business Person, Uni Student or just really don’t enjoy cooking these are the the meals for you. Think how easy your days will be now after picking the kids up from school taking them to their sports and now heading home and heating up your ready to eat and most importantly HEALTHY meal in less than 2 minutes rather than hitting up a drive through it’s a win-win really.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail so set yourself up for success on a Sunday lock in you orders and use my code: PROSPERWITHLT to get 10% off your entire order. Having two convenient locations with great parking get your order dropped off at either Team Flex HQ Unanderra or Team Flex Albion Park. 

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t tried them out already get onto it now! Order through the link below and don’t forget your discount with my code above.


Don’t forget to tag me in your posts so I can see what your favourite prosper meals are!

@lisatrujillo_ @keepingupwithLT_

Enjoy :) 

Love always,

LT. x 

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