Empowered with Lisa Trujillo

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Hey Girl,

What is Empowered you ask?

Empowered can’t be summed up in one short sentence. Like everything in life Empowered is constantly evolving. Growing on a personal level, community and business.

Helping everyone come together and be a community of the most unstoppable women out there! Empowered started out as a 40 person networking opportunity for local businesses to connect with each other and grow awareness. Most business owners or start ups brought a friend along and inspiration sparked from there. We had a thought, why just focus on business owners...? Empowered wants to include all.

The LT HIGH TEA at Ravensthorpe saw groups of women come from all over! From gyms, to corporate work colleagues, to new mums and from all around the LT community coming together for the same purpose. To grow and be inspired! Our third event and first ‘OFFICIAL EMPOWERED WITH LISA TRUJILLO EVENT’ brought together the largest crowd to date from all walks of life both male and female. We had those fresh out of school, those retired and everyone in between. 160 beautiful people in the same room, spoken to by four inspirational women from all different fields, who left feeling inspired, uplifted and empowered waiting on the release date for the next event.

Empowered 2020 - 1st February 2020
The launch of LT SWIM and over 250 incredible men and women came together to be inspired, uplifted, connected and motivated,

These events are for absolutely everyone, where we come together, get dressed up have a couple of drinks and leave feeling Empowered, so what's stopping you? Let’s be UNSTOPPABLE together!

Love Always Lisa Trujillo


I was honoured to be a speaker at the recent Empowered with LT event & was in awe of what Rhiannan and Lisa created in the space. The venue looked stunning, they put so much thought and love into it & the feel of community was BIG. It felt like something ‘not in Wollongong’ as I didn’t expect to have an event like that locally. The other speakers were incredible and Lisa was such a great host and had me feel so incredible up there speaking with her.  It was a lush night connecting with some amazing Women and I’m so grateful Lisa has created an event like this locally! Plus the support it provides other businesses locally and how clear it is that Lisa herself stands in support of them is deeply inspiring
Highly recommend any ladies considering going along to do so! 🖤 - Lauren Darlington
LT’s events truly live up to their name of “empowered” because that’s exactly how you leave feeling and the whole way through - empowered. It’s impossible not to with the amount of inspiring, hard working women surrounding you who remind you you’re not alone in your big dreams and passion to make them happen. And thanks to the amazing speakers who share their unique experiences packed with valuable advice, you become equipped with the know-how and motivation to turn your goal setting into goal getting! This event is for any woman who’s ready to find her tribe of like minded bad asses who love achieving big and having one hell of a good time while they’re at it! - Kate Fitzsimmons


I attended my first Empowered with LT Not knowing anyone as I’m new to the area and I work predominantly online. I didn’t know what to expect but I was very excited to be in a room of 200 women who are growing themselves. I met some of the most amazing woman that night who I talk to all the time now but the thing I took most from it was to be my authentic self. Since attending that event and getting completely out of my comfort zone my business has grown and I’ve grown so much as a person. I can’t wait to attend the next event as I know they only get bigger and better and I can’t wait to connect with more amazing women - Renee Rahmat


I love attending Lisa’s networking nights! It gets a busy mum like me an excuse to ditch the activewear dress up and have some time out feeling a million dollars! A night to network with like minded people over a few drinks and great food. I have been able to connect with local businesses and use their services. I have also Received some good advice from motivational speakers that I have been able apply in my personal and professional life. I have been to all 3 of the events hosted by Lisa and have got something different from each event, with each event getting better.  Most importantly, I have met some incredible woman!!  Cant wait for the next one!! ❤️ - Tash Belo


Empowered with LT event. What does it mean to me?
As the title highlights EMPOWERED is what you will feel attending one of these events. I personally don’t have a business to network when I attend these events. The reason I would say to anyone who has heard of or is interested in attending is, this event will make you feel good on the inside. Women of today are so busy multitasking every aspect of their lives. Whether it be working full time and juggling a family. Or even stay at home mums looking after kids full time is hectic sometimes the hardest job of all. Or women trying to be there very best health wise, fitness wise or even business wise. This event is purely designed to accommodate all women from all walks of life to feel EMPOWERED AND SPECIAL and ready to tackle anything life will through at them. I promise to anyone who attends this event will lift you sky high. Previous speakers have been inspiration and touching on so many levels. I am super excited to see the line up of great influences and motivational speakers that will be present at the next EMPOWERED event on February 1st. Lisa and Rhiannan I am super excited and seriously cannot wait for this experience. It gives me inspiration and courage to even start my own business one day.❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Allison O'hara