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Lisa Trujillo Active Wear


$19.95 $39.95


LT Junior is perfect for gym, dance, play and everyday wear! šŸ¦„

Ā The Grey Stone design is one of the staples in the LT classic collection.Ā Versatile, comfortable and ready for anything you've got to throw at it - being a gymnasticsĀ session or play date at the park, the Grey Stone will have you covered.Ā 

This design hasĀ matching tights and is alsoĀ available in ladies sizing.


This high quality fabric has been specifically selected for its elasticity so you get the best fit possible.Ā If you're still unsure about sizing we recommend going a size up this will ensure your junior gets plenty of future wear out of their new pieces.Ā 
  • SIZE S - 4-5 - NO.1 (AGE 2-4)
  • SIZE M - 5-6 - NO.2 (AGE 4-6)
  • SIZE L - 7-8 - NO.3 (AGE 6-8)
  • SIZE XL - 9-10 - NO.4 (AGE 8-10)
  • SIZE 2XL - 10-12 - NO.5 (AGE 8-12)
  • SIZE 3XL - 12-14 - NO.6 (AGE 8-12)
  • SIZE 4XL - 14-16 - NO.7 (AGE 10-13)
  • SIZE 5XL - 16-18 - NO.8Ā (AGE 10-13)


Please hand wash or place your items in a wash bag before putting them in the washing machine. Dry in shade and avoid rough surfaces.


Nylon Supplex Fabric. 87% Nylon. 13% Spandex.Ā