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Lisa Trujillo Active Wear

The Lisa Trujillo Survival Stack


NoWay Protein
Hydro BCAA

This stack is a cut above, with all the supplements Lisa needs to survive. The ultimate in lifestyle and holistic health - designed to keep you on track and healthy inside and out, recovering and performing like a champion.

Included in the stack is: 

ATP Science NoWay Protein - This protein is a Hydrolysed Collagen Peptide Protein, designed to aid in repair of muscle tissue, the fascia, and connective tissue! Meaning all areas of recovery are covered - especially if you are on a calorie-restricted diet. Depending on your state (anabolic or catabolic) this protein will either maximise mTor activation (protein synthesis), or AmpK activation (fat metabolisation). So when consumed after fasted cardio, this protein will aid in the continuation of fat burning, and will kickstart the recovery process. 

ATP Science Gutright Modbiotic - GutRight's Modbiotics are antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial compounds such as polyphenols, polysaccharides, glucans and other compounds that control growth and ratios of gut flora. Modbiotics reduce "bad" bugs and increase "good" bugs, meaning less bloating, better mood, and easier digestion!

Before You Speak Coffee - BYS Coffee is a high quality single origin Columbian Arabica Coffee with added Turmeric, MCT Powder, and Ginseng extract, to help reduce inflammation, increase energy levels, promote fat loss, and mental clarity. Nothing about the coffee will leave you shaky, on edge, or feeling all over the shop - instead you'll be focused, switched on, and ready to take on anything!

Prosupps HydroBCAA - HydroBCAA is an amino acid supplement designed to aid in muscle recovery and retention, along with hydration. HydroBCAA will help you train harder, train for longer and recover quicker. It contains 7g of Branch Chain Amino Acids, 3g of Essential Amino Acids, and a full electrolyte spectrum. The flavours are also delicious, and can help alleviate any sweet cravings. 

ATP Science AMP-V - 
This product is not your average fat burner. It is a combination of fatty acids that aid in metabolisation of fat. By giving your body a dose of the highly concentrated fatty acids, it signals that you have consumed a large amount of fats, and your body begins to look for fats to burn - the only fats being that stored in your body, providing the fat burning effect. There is also no added sweetener, as to not effect insulin levels at all. As a whole, this product is also a great source of fish oil, and aids in curbing hunger cravings, as well as providing a good, clean hit of energy with a nice minty flavour!

When do I take what? 

  • NoWay Protein - 1 scoop post-workout, whether that be post-cardio, or after a heavy weights session, the NoWay protein is best taken after training to stimulate protein synthesis and fat metabolisation.
  • Gutright - 1 scoop 3 times a day for the first 10 days, then 1 scoop a day indefinitely after that.
  • Before You Speak Coffee - 1 sachet either first thing in the morning, or pre-workout.
  • HydroBCAA - 1 scoop during training sessions in desired amount of water, or throughout the day as needed to aid in recovery and hydration.
  • AMP-V - Before fasted cardio/training in the morning, or between meals when craving. The dosage is 2ml, dropped on to the tongue out of the little dropper.