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LT's overall mantra is to find a balance with life and not to fear food or let it control you. She still eat chips and chocolate, but everything in moderation. Being healthy isn’t about having abs or being able to run for hours at a time, these are all positive things however not always possible or the goal for everyone. It’s about letting women know that it's ok to just get up and get moving, to be healthy and happy and to only compete with ourselves and not those around us. We don’t all have the same genetics so its' silly to compare ourselves to everyone else. We are all beautiful in our own way. 😊 xx


If you prefer your own personalised program catered to your lifestyle with the foods that you enjoy and love to eat. We are now offering personalised programs to make sure you achieve the goals you are after.

Sometimes it may feel like you've been training your heart out and not seeing results? It is very difficult to out train a bad diet. If you are under-eating your body will hold on to fat stores and if you are over eating your body will store excess calories as fat. Many people may not realise where they are at each end of the scale and thats where we come in to help! 

We will take a look at your diet, your training and your lifestyle to develop a diet custom to your goals and needs. We will take into consideration what you do and don't like to eat, as well as factoring in any intolerances you may have to develop a plan that will be something that you will want to stick too and something that if you do stick to it will give you the results you desire. 

This is the plan for those that are serious about their goals and weight loss. It is much more specialised. If you go ahead with this plan you will receive your macros based on your unique details (filled out in your questionnaire) with a meal by meal daily plan and your super easy food swaps guide so changing it up to suit your tastes and grocery shop is super simple.