About us

Lisa Trujillo Active Wear was born from the plight of women who struggled to find tights that not only looked great but were functional as well. Founder, Lisa, prior to the active wear worked as a personal trainer and gym instructor, and found a common complaint from her female clientele was that they struggled finding good quality tights that looked great, performed well and made them feel confident as well.

Most of Lisa's clients found their current active wear either struggled to stay up, were an inferior quality material, or didn't compliment their figure how active wear should, leaving them feeling uncomfortable and unable to perform at or feel their very best. Lisa firmly believes that every woman deserves to feel their best while working on a better version of themselves.

So she set about doing something about this and so was born Lisa Trujillo Active Wear. The high waist of the tights makes sure the tights stay up no matter what you're doing, and holds everything in around the mid section. This, along with the signature cut of the tights helps to emphasise the tone and look of the legs - meaning you can both look and feel your best, while working on your best self.