Frequently Asked Questions

Which Swimwear Size Should I Choose?

Swimwear size usually has the same sizing as your bra or underwear. Before you pick and purchase a women’s swimwear online, take the exact measurement of your bust, underbust, waist and hip. It is encouraged to measure with only your underwear and not with normal clothes to get the exact measurement. 

Once you have the numbers, you can check out our sizing chart to find the right size. Our sizes are true to size, but you can check our measurement in centimetres or go for one size bigger if you are unsure.

What’s Better Swimwear: Spandex or Cotton?

Picking the right material makes a big difference in comfort and style of women’s swimwear. A good swimwear fabric offers a good stretch, good hold and comfort. 

Many opt for spandex because natural fibres, such as cotton, lose its shape easily when it is wet. Spandex stretches more than its size and returns to its original shape easily. This is what makes spandex a fabric of choice for swimwear and athletic wear. 

Spandex is also resistant to wrinkles, oil, salt water and chlorine. It dries fast and is machine washable. It is shape-hugging which makes it perfect for swimwear.

What Material Is Your Swimwear Made Of?

Our swimsuits for women are made of Lycra or spandex type of fabric. This synthetic fabric is durable because it is made from polyester and polyurethane. It lasts long and doesn’t easily break, making it popular among activewear and women’s swimwear.

Can You Bleach Swimwear?

Although our swimwear is made of Lycra, a very durable fabric, you shouldn’t bleach it. This is because bleaching a swimwear can affect its colour. Make sure to rinse only with water after a dip in a chlorinated pool to avoid colour fading. You can also use soft detergent to remove any stains.

How To Wash Swimwear?

When washing a bikini set, use water and mild soap to remove chlorine or saltwater from the fabric. You can also substitute soap with baking soda which can eliminate stains and odour.

Hand washing is the best way to keep your swimwear in good condition. For tough stains, soak it, hand wash and air dry. If you have to wash the swimsuit in a washing machine, put it in a mesh bag before dumping it in the machine. You should also opt for cold water for every wash because warm or hot water can compromise the integrity of the fabric. When done with washing, gently squeeze the fabric and avoid wringing to prevent damage.