Activewear’s popularity has been consistently flourishing, and it’s a sportswear trend that will probably stay for quite some time. If you’re looking for gym clothes for girls, kids’ gym clothes or kids’ activewear in Australia, Lisa Trujillo Activewear can give you the comfort you need. Whether you’re going out for your workout routines or to buy groceries, you can trust the pieces of activewear for kids and women from Lisa Trujillo Activewear!

Helps Boost Confidence 

The right activewear from Lisa Trujillo can help boost your confidence—inside or outside the gym—once you find the right piece for you. So, level up your leggings game! Gone are the saggy leggings day for workouts. Our compression and high-waisted ones are now available. 

Helps Reduce Pain and Discomfort 

Whether it’s for exercise or not, our trusted and comfortable sports bra fits perfectly. It reduces pain and discomfort and gives your chest optimum support. 


Lisa Trujillo Activewear pieces are so versatile. You can wear them when doing your daily routines and even when you suddenly want to hit the gym. You can also get your kids their activewear sets and let them exercise with you. Make it more fun and exciting!


Why go through the hassle of wearing uncomfortable clothes during a workout when you can go stylish and cozy at the same time? Made with softer fabrics, our activewear is designed to make anyone feel good and comfortable. Our high-quality fabrics also help skin breathe more whilst you get fit.


Don’t hesitate to spend money on great, long-lasting kids’ activewear and gym clothes for girls. Our activewear pieces last long; you’ll get plenty of use out of them.

Lisa Trujillo Activewear: Nothing But the Best for You 

Lisa Trujillo Activewear is perfect for gymnastic clubs, sports teams, dance studios and more. We also offer custom pieces in case you want something else for your kid’s gym clothes. 

Ready to get fit? Choose comfortable and quality women and kids’ activewear in Australia. Choose Lisa Trujillo Activewear. Our wide range of high-quality activewear is readily available. Check them out!