Whether you are into sports training or your kids like outdoor activities and other fun recreational plays, wearing kids workout clothes helps improve their performance and build confidence. Without restrictions on your movements, you can freely move and enjoy what they’re doing. Also, when you look good, you feel good. 

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How To Wash Activewear?

To clean your high-performance activewear, soak it in white distilled vinegar to break the bond between the fabric and the body soil. You can do this by mixing one part of white distilled vinegar with four parts cold water. Vinegar contains a low level of acid that penetrates body oil and helps release bacteria and soil from the fabric. 

You can also turn your clothes inside out before putting them in the washing machine. It helps keep the colours and avoid snags during washing. And don’t forget to add the right detergent and set the washing machine properly to avoid damaging the fabric. When possible, air dry to prevent the odour from setting into the fibre. 

How To Store Wet Gym Clothes?

Start with rinsing the wet gym clothes and wringing them out to dry. Use a towel and lay the rinsed gym wear on top of it before rolling them up. Put the towel and the clothes bundle inside a plastic or wet bag and place it in your gym bag.  

What Gym Clothes Should I Wear?

When you wear gym clothing in Australia, it should snuggly fit your body without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. Gym clothes should allow you to move around freely without getting tangled whenever you move. They should be stretchy and could wick away sweat, especially when you’re working out. 

Can I Wear a Sports Bra to Swim?

Definitely! Wearing a sports bra when swimming will not hinder your performance in any way. A sports bra has a unique support design that can handle low-impact water activities that you casually do.

How To Get Sweat Smell Out of Gym Clothes?

To remove the sweat smell from your kids’ activewear tops, wash them with the clothes turned inside out. The grime is usually on the inside so turning them inside out before washing allows the detergent to penetrate the soiled areas better.

Another tip is to refrain from using heat. Contrary to what most people believe, using hot water only amplifies the sweat odour from your kids’ activewear shorts. So, it’s advisable to use cold water instead.