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First things first, just to clear the air I get a lot of people ask me if my boobs are real or fake and to be completely honest with you guys this makes me SO HAPPY because who doesn’t want nice, round and perky boobs! I really appreciate all your kind compliments but they are (drum roll) REAL! I got it from my Mumma! Whether you have big boobs or small boobs you can rock it, you just need to choose what will work best for your body type. I have a friend with absolutely no boobs at all but I truly think she suits it, she’s able to get around not wearing a bra and she can wear those open cut tops and still look so sophisticated and classy without having to worry if a nipple will slip out.

Anyways I’m a size 12DD, I work out and instruct my classes at least five days a week doing a combination of strength training, functional training, running/walks. But mainly I stick to a good high intensity session just like my Move Bootcamps. When I hit my teens, I started to develop boobs quickly, I still remember doing gymnastics and all the coaches would say “Wow Lisa, your boobs are getting so big” or “Where did all these boobs come from”. For me this is genetic, my mum is in her late 50s and naturally has amazing boobs still and to be completely honest there’s pros and cons about having larger size boobs and one of those is not being able to find a great supportive bra!

I’ve tried and purchased a lot of bras and sport bras, you name it, I’ve experienced them all! I’m so happy to have found some bras that I can truly say “hold me in”  and make me feel confident and comfortable without having to adjust myself during my classes and workouts so I thought I would share this all with you, please note even if you don’t have “bigger boobs” and consider yourself to be smaller in size, I still believe you need to be wearing a good supportive bra!

Here’s what I wear and why!


If you are reading this from my app, you are obviously into health and fitness. Whether you’re an athlete or just love to be active at the gym or outdoors it is necessary that you put on a sporty bra during your workout. It can be very painful to perform physical exercises without wearing a nice bra that fits very well. I still remember wearing a bra with two crops tops just to support my boobs, it was SOOO tight that it would literally stop me from breathing because it was pushing down on my chest. With the SheFit bra I found it was super easy to get on and off and all round supportive and comfortable to wear, you can adjust all your straps to how tight or lose you would like it, its secure, functional and comes in all different colours! I’m loving the Jet Black and Blush Pink they go perfectly with my classic tights. High waisted supported tights and a secure supportive bra, what else do you really need. Haha.


A good bra not only provides support to your breasts, it flatters and enhances your overall beauty and highlights your sex appeal as a woman. Basically, a bra is a fashion accessory that works to highlight the sexiest part of a woman. Even though your clothes cover it, it still brings out the beauty of your overall attire and highlights what you were born with, this is how I feel when I wear this bra. My first purchase was 2 years ago when I went into the Luluemon Store in NY City, I remember feeling the fabric, it was so soft and smooth which always means no digging in, perfect for those long days and travelling. The fabric is stitch free and I feel like the fabric moulds with your size and movement. I love wearing this one all day every day, to all my different sessions. It sits super high on your chest which gives you good coverage but the only thing I dislike about this bra is that if you were to wear a loose singlet I feel like it’s not as flattering with this bra showing and hanging out from the side of the singlets, if you wear a shirt with this it will be fine because it hides the bra completely which I like a lot of people will be fine with but I feel with a stylish sports bra full of colour you can show it off on the side or wear on by itself and still free stylish! But each to their own, I know some ladies will love the look of this one and others won’t but I could literally wear this bra to bed. It’s soooo soft and comfortable.


I have serval pairs of these Panache Sport Bras, I truly do love this one and it’s the first “Supportive Bra” I’ve ever owned - it kind of reminds me on the Shefit Bra because of the adjustable straps and you can hook the back into a cross over or into two straps. I’ve actually been wearing the Panache for 5 years now and I find it gives really good shape to large-busted women and good support but if I were to be completely honest with you guys, I feel like if you have excess body fat at the back then it will show when you make the strap criss-cross position, this is why it’s essential you get the right size and play with adjusting straps depending on the way you wear it. Please don’t read this and think I am downing this brand, I am truly just giving my true feedback to help you all out find the right bra suitable for you. Like I said, I have over 7 Panache Bras but just be mindful of the back fat (If this worries you)

I hope this helps you girls out struggling to find a good supportive bra and stops you from stopping your day or in the middle of your workouts to adjust yourself.

Love always,

LT. xx 

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