What is the Difference Between Leggings and Yoga Pants?

What is the Difference Between Leggings and Yoga Pants?

Today, wearing yoga pants and leggings are becoming trendy and popular, making them the go-to pant’s choice of women everywhere for everyday use. Whether you go to a coffee shop, the gym or a casual lunch meeting, wearing yoga and legging outfits makes a big difference in style, movement and comfort.

At first glance, yoga pants and leggings look very similar. And with so many similar designs and styles available in the market, these legwear pieces are often used interchangeably. But in reality, there are many differences between the two. Specifically, they have their own special features, functions and performance when worn for different activities.

Although they look the same, it’s important to note their distinctions so that you could wear the right one when you need it.

What Are Exercise Leggings?

Firstly, leggings are traditionally designed as an undergarment for the cold weather because they are thicker than tights but thinner than pants. But today, the influence of leggings is so strong that they have secured their place among the essential casual or gym workout outfit. They are now manufactured in such a way that they can provide comfort for various physical activities. At the same time, they turned into a fashion statement that both men and women wear with t-shirts, tunics and sweaters among others.

While fashion or leisure leggings are basic clothing items that provide comfort for everyday use, exercise leggings function differently. The different types of leggings used for exercise are as follows.

  • Compression Leggings
    Compression leggings are made from high tech fabric that snugly fit so that they give proper support to the legs and reduce pressure to the muscles and veins. These garments will prevent muscle fatigue and strains before and after the workout.

    If you perform high-intensity workouts, compression leggings come with high-rise waistbands that gently exert compression to the midsection. This prevents your garments from sliding down your body. When you train, they stabilise your muscles, increase blood flow and speed up the muscle repair process. They’re easy to move around so that you can be confident in whatever workout or activity you are engaged in.

    One of the great benefits of compression leggings is their breathability because of their moisture-wicking fabric. Even if you work out for hours, the fabric keeps the sweat to the surface where it can evaporate quickly. As these leggings now come in different colours and patterns, you won’t go out of fashion.
  • Activewear Leggings
    This type of exercise leggings is a hybrid of yoga pants and leggings. If you are a runner, a yoga expert, a newbie at the gym or a high-performing athlete, wearing girls’ activewear gives you power and confidence in your workout.

    So why should you choose activewear leggings? Firstly, they provide superior support. Girls’ activewear leggings are highly made for fitness activities so they come with fabrics that are thicker and stretchable. They allow you to bend and create movements the way you want to.

    Secondly, activewear leggings enhance performance. The right activewear garments also provide sufficient compression benefits. Thirdly, activewear leggings are perfect for everyday use as they provide comfort and style while improving your health. They’re ideal for increasing your workout performance, helping improve your workout technique, and yet at the same time, giving you the confidence to simply run daily errands.

What Are Considered Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants are traditionally thicker, with looser fit and function as a comfortable workout garment for both indoor and outdoor activities. They are made from opaque materials with stretchability features. Yoga fabric also absorbs sweat, allowing you to move with flexibility during workout sessions.

Depending on your activity, yoga pants come in various cuts, colours and designs to fit every activity. The standard design of yoga pants includes having a form-fitted style from the waist to the knee and moderately flared at the bottom. Looking at them, you would easily mistake them for sweatpants because of their somewhat relaxed fit. Apart from the flared bottom designs, yoga pants also come in either boot cut or straight leg cuts.

Today, skinny yoga pants that resemble leggings are one of the popular types of yoga pants. They fit the body from the waist to the ankle and offer great flexibility and comfort during yoga exercises.

Leggings Vs Yoga Pants

While these two garments have their own functions, they completely differ in price, fabric, style and most of all, functionality. Leggings and yoga pants are comfortable clothing when used appropriately. 

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