How to Select the Best Quality Sports Gym Wear for Women?

How to Select the Best Quality Sports Gym Wear for Women?

Staying fit and fab is the ultimate goal of women who work out. However, working out in the wrong clothes would only do you more harm than good.

Active ladies need activewear. And you choose your clothing depending on your workout routines. When doing sports, you put on your sportswear. You wear gym clothes to the gym. Having such a fitting workout attire is as important as having the right fitness equipment. It can impact your stamina and even your motivation. Quality gym clothes also enable you to move with ease.

If you are one of the 4.35 million Australian women who participate in fitness and gym activities or if you want to be one of them, read on to know what workout clothes best suit you and how you can choose the best quality sports gym wear.

What to Wear to the Gym

Going to the gym must not be a fashion show, but you should still look good. You must wear proper gym clothes, the ones you feel comfortable wearing. As you look good, you also feel good and confident. Some of the workout essentials to wear to the gym are as follows:

Workout clothes. Women need to wear the right top when working out, especially inside the gyms. Workout clothes include your top, bottom and undergarments. All of these pieces should make you feel dry, comfortable and confident.

Comfortable t-shirts, tank tops, and sports bras are some of the top pieces that can be worn inside the gym. For the bottom clothing, it should be stretchable and does not easily tear, particularly when doing leg workouts. Also, your bottom clothes have to give you the maximum flexibility that you want and need. You can wear gym shorts, sweat pants, yoga pants, and track pants.

Moreover, women must wear supportive undergarments when working out. Specifically, the breasts shall be well-supported and protected when working out. A good quality sports bra offers both support and flexibility.

Socks and training shoes. You can't go barefoot inside gyms where the floor could be slippery due to sweat. Your feet need protection, too. Running shoes or other types of training shoes could work, but they should be right for the activity they will be used for. Remember to wear comfortable and breathable socks, too.

Towels. In addition to your proper gym attire, do not forget to carry your towel to wipe your sweat off during and after exercising.

What Is the Best Way to Choose Women's Activewear?

When choosing activewear for women, it’s best to consider the following factors that may influence the kind of activewear you should get:

  • Workout routine. Knowing your routine helps you choose what kind of clothes to wear. You may need different clothing, depending on the type of workout you will do. When you are doing stretching exercises or lifting, stretchable clothing is a must. Meanwhile, such is not required when doing less stretchy routines.
  • Location. Do you work out at home or in a gym? Is it indoor or outdoor? Is it cold or hot? Windy or not? These are also some considerations so you’ll be able to choose the right gym clothes for you.

    If you plan to work out in a gym, you also need to consider that gyms vary in terms of their policies. Some require their members to wear specific clothing, while others provide uniforms. Some are for women only, and some are for all genders. No matter where your gym is, it is essential that you are in your appropriate attire.
  • Weather. What you wear may have to change with the seasons, so choose gym clothes that are appropriate to the weather. Put more layers during winter and less during hot seasons. Sweat-wicking clothes are ideal during hot weather, but they should have an insulating layer on top when used during the cold weather.
  • Fit. Know your size, and wear your size. Loose clothes give you unnecessary cloth dangling around which distracts your concentration. Tight clothing, on the other hand, restricts movements.
  • Brand. Choose the trusted brand of activewear in Australia. These brands, such as Lisa Trujillo Activewear, provide you with a wide selection of women sportswear, ladies activewear and gym clothes.

What Should I Look for in Gym Wear?

Aside from the factors mentioned earlier, the following list will also guide you in looking for the perfect gym clothes:

  • Material. When it comes to gym clothes, some options are better than others. There are fabrics that can pull sweat away from your skin during workout, while some absorb it. For best results, choose clothes that are made of breathable fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, lycra, and spandex. Avoid those made of plastic-based or rubber-based materials as they keep sweat from evaporating and make your body temperature too high while doing your routines.
  • Quality. High-quality gym clothes are a must. Having top-notch quality prevents the clothing from tearing easily, thus helping you save money, compared to an item of poor-quality clothing.
  • Comfort. Comfortable activewear for women offers maximum flexibility and support. So make sure that your activewear provides your body with enough room to breathe.
  • Colour. Women could become selective when it comes to the colour of their clothes. They choose colours that emphasise their body builds and complexion. However, choosing the right shade of your activewear offers you more than aesthetics. Scientifically speaking, the colour of your clothes affects the amount of heat it absorbs. Darker clothing tends to absorb more light, so it becomes hotter. Wear light coloured activewear to help you feel cooler when exercising.

Lisa Trujillo Activewear

Choosing the appropriate sportswear, activewear or gym clothes gives women the confidence to work out in public.

Check out Lisa Trujillo Activewear’s ladies and girls activewear. We have a wide range of fashionable, high-quality gym clothes just right for you. Our three-quarter and full-length tights are made of soft and stretchy fabric. They also have high waists that make sure they will stay up no matter what routine you are doing.

Lisa Trujillo Activewear will surely leave you feeling comfortable and at your very best. Shop now!

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