What to Wear for Your Next At Home Workout

What to Wear for Your Next At Home Workout

Due to the pandemic, we have learned the wonders of working out at home. While it may be tempting to wear your favourite pair of tee and shorts because no passersby or gym buddies will see you, not aligning your attire to what you are going to do may hinder your movement and decrease your overall performance. It may not seem much at first glance, but several factors, such as fabric and body fit, may affect your comfort during stretches, main routines and after exercise. Having the right workout gear can level up your at home workout from good into incredible.

Normal Clothes, Sportswear and Activewear

These three differ from each other through their purpose.

Normal clothes are those that we wear comfortably every day like pyjamas, coats and more.

Sportswear is designed for a specific purpose and can have materials that work best for a single sport. For example, some have spandex that stretches along with swimmers’ bodies or has a special thermal feature to keep them warm.

Activewear has much more flexibility and style. It is like the middle ground between normal clothes and sportswear. It is casual and comfortable but also suited for sweat-inducing exercises, such as indoor running, zumba or even yoga. They are for those who are not professional athletes but live an active lifestyle.

Does Workout Activewear Make a Difference?

Absolutely! If you wear rubber-based or plastic materials during a workout session, you are going to feel like you are in a sauna at home. Wearing fabrics that allow your body to breathe and effectively absorb sweat can make your workout more enjoyable. Also, having the right body fit that matches your activity can help prevent discomfort and potential accidents.

Tips on Choosing an Activewear 

1. Consider moisture management

Moisture management refers to what happens when your clothes become damp with sweat. Choosing a workout gear that becomes heavy after absorbing moisture, can cause decreased performance and make you feel uncomfortable. You should get something that is capable of cooling you by ‘wicking’ or drawing away sweat from your body and helping evaporate your sweat faster.

2. Breathability is a must

This refers to how air moves through your clothes. When we exercise, our bodies heat up and produce hot air. The fabric of your attire should easily let that out or else, it will make you feel uncomfortable and can have a bad effect when your temperature rises way too high. However, note that breathability is different from moisture management. For example, cotton is a breathable fabric but becomes heavy when wet.

3. Pick something that is the right fit for you

Your workout gear must fit your body well. This way, they will not fall over your head when you do yoga or other types of activity that makes you bend down. Loose pants are also a hazard when riding a stationary bike or running on a treadmill.

Workout Gear for Women

It all depends on your chosen type of workout. Here are some suggested workout gears for specific activities.

Indoor running

You don’t need to go out to make your legs feel the burn of a good run. If you have a treadmill, you can use it to feel the rush of outdoor running at the comfort of your own home.

For this type of activity, it is recommended for women to wear running shorts and an activewear tee. If you want more breathing room, a sports bra and a pair of leggings or tights will do the trick. Grab your favourite running shoes, and you are good to go.

High-intensity workout

High-intensity workouts are cardio exercises that get your heart pumping hard in a short amount of time. This means that you will sweat a lot. Pick something that will wick away your sweat and has high breathability to keep your temperature in check. A high-support bra with high-waist pants that will not limit your movements is ideal.

If you are looking for workout gear for this type of exercise, check out our Ladies Jet Black Three-Quarter (Small Make). It is made of 87% nylon supplex and 13% spandex and will give you a lot of comfort while doing a workout.

Pilates and low impact

Pilates are exercises that are low impact (those that do not put too much strain and weight on your muscles and joints) and focus on strengthening your muscles, flexibility and improving your postural alignment. Given that this type of workout requires a lot of lying down and raising your legs above you, wearing loose clothes is a bad idea. The tank top and capris/leggings combination will be a perfect match for this activity.

Lisa Trujillo Activewear has a Purple Leopard One Shoulder Crop if you want something that is stylish and comfortable at the same time.


Since yoga needs you to do a lot of asanas or postures, picking something that fits your body well will help improve your flexibility. Wearing clothes that are too loose can be distracting when they end up falling over your head while doing postures. 


Dancing to your favourite song while burning away calories is a fun activity when you are at home. There is much more freedom for this activity, and you can wear anything you want as long as it does not weigh you down when you start sweating. Just be sure to wear a medium-impact sports bra for support and a pair of good sneakers to help you make those cool dance moves.

Lisa Trujillo Activewear 

Ready to start working out at home but don’t have the right gym clothes?

Check us out at Lisa Trujillo Activewear. We offer a wide range of stylish and useful activewear for women. If you want to have a fun and productive session with your little ones, we also have many workout gear that are tailored for children, as well as equipment and fitness programs dedicated to assisting you in your journey to self-growth. Shop now for details.

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