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When staying in Bali Air BnB is definitely the way to go, you can get some really amazing places at ridiculously cheap prices. For me Seminyak is the place you go if you want something with super nice villas but also close to shops and restaurants…Kuta is the place to go if you want to party! However at the back end of our trip we stayed up in Uluwatu which was amazing, super peaceful and quiet with some really nice views. This is a place I would like to explore more as well as Canguu. However the public transport is really bad here. Its full of Aussie surfers and farmers so its super chill but just remote which I liked. The thing to do here is hire a scooter and get around slowly and cautiously on that! Haha. Otherwise waiting for a taxi can take upwards of 30 minutes to have one called for you.


I booked all our villas through the air bnb app, some were absolutely amazing and others made out that they were incredible with their outstanding images and when you arrive it’s really different – overall, I had a great experience with bookings but I made sure I did my research and read up the reviews before booking. So it’s best to head over on the app to read up/view places that you feel accommodate you best. I don’t want to sound like a massive princess but when I’m on holidays I do like to treat myself to a beautiful hotel/villa where I feel completely relaxed and feel like I can stay at the hotel/villa for hours without being grossed out as it’s a space for me to work from also.

(Seminyak) Bohemian Dream at Chilled Tropical Villa Kali – This place is beautiful and a lovely haven from the craziness of Seminyak! Absolutely loved the interior design about this villa, it’s close enough to the busy side of the city but also far enough to feel the peace and quiet. It’s walking distance to all the popular restaurants and bars and the villa is everything you need. Modern, luxurious and super clean with the outside shower which is perfect to use in the Bali heat. Great for solo travellers or for a couple.

(Seminyak) Equlibria – (My favourite) This place is magic and elegant! We planned on staying here for one night but ended up booking in for two nights because it was so perfect! Book in for the waterfall pool side villa – absolutely worth it. All the staff, especially the butlers really create a magical experience for any visit. The location is also perfect, just two minutes from the main stretch where you have tons of restaurants (listed below) and bars almost at your door however even if you stayed at your villa for 1-2 nights you wouldn’t even have to leave because it’s so nice and relaxing! The day spa was also an incredible experience!

(Seminyak) The W – I didn’t stay here on this trip but have in the past, it’s pretty expensive but if you can stay for one night as a treat it’s such a beautiful place to stay – I do prefer Equlibria as it’s not as busy – I feel like The W is a the “Go to five star” place to stay at so if you went to chill by the bar or pool area there would be so many people around as it’s open to the public and people head  over there to experience the bar, breakfast and chill out area. The service is outstanding – you almost feel like a celebrity staying here with how the staff treat you, golf buggies to your villas and if you need a lift to the main street they can take you with the buggy. 

(Uluwatu) Vivo Villas – If you’re looking for a place to stay which is away from all the hustle and bustle then head to Uluwatu. Vivo was a very spacious villa which was really nice to chill by the pool in peace overlooking the water and farm land but to be completely honest, it wasn’t my favourite place to stay and normally I enjoy being away from people ha-ha. The taxis cost a lot more and take a lot longer to arrive as this villa is in a very remote area way from everything. Sunday Beach Club (Which is my favourite dinner/chill out spot) is around a 15-minute drive from Vivio which was great and you can 100% organise some day trips while you stay here so you can come home and chill out but just note you won’t be able to walk to any restaurants or hot spots when you stay here. Just felt like for the price you can find more 5 star villas closer to everything and a little more modern. Room service wasn’t that great too, normally I’m a massive foodie but didn’t even finish my breakfast or dinner because it just didn’t seem fresh to me. Staff was absolutely lovely though.


The hike was up Mt. Batur and it was a once in a lifetime experience – I’m writing this the day after the hike and wow my legs are still sore. I can also say this walk worked my butt from all angles ha-ha, never been so sore or sweated so hard! This was booked with Gede on the air bnb app but they also have a website where you can book

The pick-up was at 1.30AM in the morning (yes, so early, but what an experience) the driver was right on time and let us nap on the way to the base of the mountain. Once we got there we met our guide who walked with us the whole time up and down the mountain. Super encouraging and very knowledgeable about everything, just be prepared for this walk (because we weren’t, I thought it would be a walk in the park but ended up being a full on hike) wear comfortable gym wear and good joggers that won’t give you blisters, a backpack with a towel and jumper the temperature changes at the top of the mountain and actually gets cold which is strange for Bali, walking up you’ll sweat the house down so best to pack a towel to wipe the sweat away and also to sit on when you reach the top as. Our guide made us a banana sandwich, hot coffee/tea and steamed our eggs with the steam off the volcanos which was an amazing experience – there’s three ways you can go up the mountain.


  1. The “difficult” way which I’m so glad I didn’t take, the “easier” option was hard enough but I also saw a lot of experienced hikers going up this track with the full-on gear, hiking boots, hiking sticks and all so that was the main reason.


  1. The easier option was I found was still quite hard but doable, you can walk at your own pace and there’s so many people walking/doing the track at the same time so sometimes with people walking in front this gives you enough time to have a break or catch your breath.


  1. Motorbike – So random but only in Bali lol, people offer you to take you up the mountain with a motorbike which is actually quite expensive for Bali ($35 per person) and cuts the walk from a 2 hour walk to a 15 minute walk, whatever floats your boat but the main reason we did this was to enjoy the nature and hike experience up the mountain – if the walk gets too tough for you, you can always take the motorbike along the way as there’s people riding up and down taking people/offering, try and block out the fumes.


When you come down the mountain you can rinse off/experience the hot springs, water is like having a bath!  And then head on over to a Coffee Plantation to see how some of the local coffee is grown and made which was a great experience in itself.


Part 3 of my Bali blog will be the best cafes and beach clubs to go too. I hope this helps so far, Bali has been simply stunning and I will definitely be heading back here again soon enough.

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