What Is the Difference Between Normal Bras and Sports Bras?

What Is the Difference Between Normal Bras and Sports Bras?

When it comes to comfort, design and functionality, one can always see the difference between a normal bra and a sports bra. But, regardless of how they’re worn, both normal and sports bras should be able to provide the needed comfort and fit. Meaning, they should never cause pain or uneasiness.

Is there really a difference between the two bras? Can you use a regular bra for your fitness regimen or vice versa, a sports bra outside the gym?

Regular Bra Vs Sports Bra

Regular Bra
A bra is an undergarment made to support, protect and elevate a women's breast. Getting the right size is important to ensure comfort. If poorly fitted, it can cause discomfort and pain, particularly in the neck, shoulder and underarms.

Although some women today prefer not to wear a bra, the majority still choose to wear it for various reasons. One of them is to prevent sagging. The breast is supported naturally by ligaments and skin. Due to movements and gravity, the breast is pulled downwards, causing pain and sagging. The bra protects the breast from sagging by lifting it upward and preserves the constant stretch ligaments. However, breast sagging is inevitable as women age because of the decrease in breast tissue.

Breast size and genetics also influence breast sagging, but a bra can still help by improving posture and supporting the weight of the breast. Unfortunately, some women find regular bras insufficient in supporting their breasts, especially during exercises.

Sports Bra
About 40%-60% of women express pain and discomfort when doing physical activities, discouraging them from getting involved with exercise.

A women's gym wear, particularly a sports bra, is designed explicitly for workout sessions as it provides extra support during workouts. It compresses the breast to the chest so it will not move too much during running or jumping.

High-impact sports bras allow women to exercise and stay active without dealing with discomfort. A sports bra is also made with sweat-wicking materials so you can stay dry and not worry about boob sweat.
With physical fitness becoming more than a trend, a lot of women are now optimising the benefits of wearing a sports bra. The high demand for women’s activewear and sports clothing is due to women looking for a quality adjustable sports bra, as well as a high-impact sports bra, to maximise movements.

If you are looking for the right fit, Lisa Trujillo offers high-quality women’s activewear and the best sports bra in Australia right now.

Is It Okay To Wear Sports Bras All The Time?

Absolutely. When you think of proper support, convenience and practicalities, a sports bra is the best solution. There are many great benefits to wearing one.

1. Improves Posture and Performance
Unlike a regular bra, a sports bra’s design is to support the weight of your breast during movements. If you are up to physical activities, such as sports, running chores or even chasing your child in the park, you can keep discomfort and pain at bay. Experiencing neck and back pain is the last thing you want to feel if your chest is not properly supported.

2. Eliminates Discomfort
Discomfort and uneasiness are always expected if you are not wearing the right bra. Fortunately, a sports bra can compress and encapsulate your busts to allow you to move freely. If you are the kind of person who is working in a physically demanding environment, a sports bra can greatly keep up with your routine.

3. Eliminates Sweat
One reason that will drive you to wear a sports bra is its ability to absorb sweat. On hotter days when you sweat more, you don’t have to worry about irritations.

At Lisa Trujillo, we make the best quality sports bras with high-performance athletic materials that can keep you dry. Whether you are going to meet your friends over brunch or rushing to your gym class, our stylish, fashionable and breathable activewear garments will boost your confidence.

4. Helps Reduce Breast Pain
Most women would agree that excessive movement would cause pain in the breast. Given that this can be a barrier to physical activity, wearing a sports bra is a good way to provide proper breast support.

5. Promotes Movement
One visible difference between a sports bra over a regular bra is movement. Whether you twist, bend or turn, activewear can provide you with greater coverage. You can move with confidence because you know that you don’t have to rearrange your bra to hold your breast. 

Can Sports Bra Flatten Breasts?

Aside from protection, comfort and convenience, a sports bra supports and controls movements of the breasts. It compresses your breast which gives the appearance of flattening the breast.

There are many types of sports bras in the market, and the same bra may not feel the same for two individuals due to the difference in breast composition. If you have a smaller breast, it can give you a flat-chested appearance. If you have a bigger cup size, wearing a tight-fighting sports bra can flatten your chest. Nevertheless, it should not be painful or restrict your breathing.

If you’re trying on a smaller bra size for extra flattening, follow these tips.

  1. Take a couple of deep breaths to make sure that it does not restrict your breathing.
  2. Try bending, slouching, running, sitting and jumping to check if you are comfortable while you move around.
  3. Don’t wear it for far too long. As a general rule, any binding garment must not be worn for more than 8 hours. Look for a bra that is stretchy and form-fitting. 

Which Sports Bra Is Good for Girls?

Although there are tons of brands, as well as designs and styles, finding the right fit is the key if you want a good sports bra. And here’s how you can choose the perfect fit.

1. Identify the Level of Support You Need
When making a decision about your sports bra size, identify the level of activity you will be doing. This can be low impact exercise, moderate impact exercise or high impact exercise.

Low impact exercise involves walking, gentle cycling, yoga and strength training. Individuals in this category may choose between a sports bra or an everyday bra.

Moderate impact exercise includes hiking, aerobic style yoga, dancing, skiing, and jogging. These activities would require good breast support so a sports bra is definitely needed.

High impact exercise involves running, sports sessions, high-intensity training and mountain biking. To maximise performance and movement, wearing high impact bras can do the trick.

2. Rib Measurement
Before choosing the right brand, first, identify your rib measurement. This will allow you to find your correct band size. If you are not sure, take a tape measure and mark off your rib cage just beneath your breast. You can also measure your breast size to get the perfect fit. Just make sure that when you do the measurement, it must be snug and not too tight to allow comfortable breathing.

In choosing the right sports bra, there are three types to consider.

1. Compression
Compression bras focus on compressing your breasts against your chest. This may be ideal for women who have larger breast sizes to minimise movement and bounce.

2. Encapsulation
Unlike compression sports bras, the encapsulation sports bra has cups to hold and shape each breast. Because there is no compression, encapsulation is ideal to wear in low-impact activities.

3. Encapsulation-Compression
If you want both designs in one sports bra, then this is for you. These bras provide cupped support for each breast and, at the same time, an outer band material to compress your breasts.

Thinking of getting a new sports bra? Check out Lisa Trujillo Activewear. Our ultra-soft, comfortable, form-fitting sports bras are built for all types of workouts. Add to cart now! 

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