What Are the Latest Trends in Sportswear?

What Are the Latest Trends in Sportswear?

Sportswear is the kind of clothing used for sports and workouts. It is specifically designed to allow easy movements and support the body to perform better. In recent years, sportswear or activewear has gained popularity and become a trend for casual everyday wear.

What Makes Women's Sportswear Popular?

As the trend grows, the term athleisure was coined to describe the casual yet stylish clothing that you can wear almost anywhere, anytime. It fills the need for comfortable clothing to wear from the gym to doing errands to leisure time throughout the day. 

Fitness Lifestyle
The fitness lifestyle is one reason why women's sportswear has gained traction in the fashion industry. The obsession with staying fit and healthy motivates many people to start with their fitness journey and make exercise part of their lifestyle. This has led to demands for flexible gym clothing in Australia that can fit into everyone's routine. Moreover, the existence of social media amplifies sportswear as part of fashion must-haves.

Technologies and innovation have helped create better clothes that are long-lasting and comfortable. For instance, the dry-wicking element and flexibility make women's activewear top a crowd favourite. Many of these are also versatile in design, so it is easy to mix and match with other clothing.

Today's generation has a more laid-back fashion sense, and with the work-at-home set-up, athleisure is definitely a must-have in your wardrobe.

Athletic Wear Trends in 2021

Are you wondering what’s in style this 2021? Here are some of the latest trends in sportswear that you should look out for.

Seamless women's activewear tops are one of the biggest trends in 2021. They exude simplicity and are extremely comfortable because, unlike typical wear, you do not have to deal with annoying lines and pinching when working out.

Flare leggings are basically gym tights women's pants with bootleg cuts. Popular back in the 2000s, these yoga pants now come in better design and are made with better materials for comfort and durability. They give a nice silhouette and can be used for yoga and other outdoor activities, such as hiking. Flare leggings are also breathable because they are less tight than the usual leggings.

Bike Shorts
Bike shorts are popular gym tights for women because they are versatile and easy to style. You can easily pair them with a blazer or just a t-shirt, and they will still feel comfortable and in style. Bike shorts look good on everyone, and their simplicity makes them easy to carry around during travel.

Mesh is a trend for a reason. These cool workout clothes are light and breathable, which helps in keeping you cool. Mesh details in your leggings also help you cool down faster after a workout.

Also known as jumpsuits or onesies, this style is back in fashion with better details and designs. Unitards come in sizes and with a wide range of colours and prints. If you need to head out to the gym after work, this onesie is perfect because you can mix and match it with other attires.

Aesthetic Sports Bra
Another latest trend with sportswear is the different designs and shapes of sports bras. Detailing and designs of sports bras, such as cut-outs, one shoulder, backless and low-rise, are just a few of the not-so-ordinary sports bras you'll find in the market.

Matching Set
Getting a set of workout clothes like matching leggings and sports bras is popular because this generation is obsessed with minimalism. You can wear it outside your workout session and still look great. For those with kids, the matching set is great for your girls' workout clothes.

What Is the Future of Activewear?

The wellness, active lifestyle and healthy living movement will be here for a long time. Consumer behaviour on holistic health drives several industries forward, including the clothing/activewear industry.

According to the Global Industry Analyst Inc., sports apparel will grow up to $231.7 billion by 2024. If we look at what value consumers have when it comes to their everyday clothing, many will emphasize versatility, function and comfort.

Activewear is the future of casual clothing and not just for a workout session. As consumers see the benefits and the need to have an active lifestyle, they continue to look for activewear that will simplify their life and achieve their health goals. They want clothing that is versatile enough to be worn from the gym to everyday casual settings. This is where activewear, such as bike shorts, yoga flares and sports bras, come into place. These clothing pieces are flexible for everyday wear and able to offer comfort and ease of movement.

Novel Fabrics
The future of activewear is here with novel fabrics. The fabric can help maintain body temperature by adjusting the amount of heat that passes through the material. When there is an increase in heat, the fabric will allow for heat to pass through the fabric and constrict heat movement when it is cold.

Sportswear with Built-In Sensors
The built-in sensor in sports clothing may replace the days for fitness watches. This will help collect more accurate data about your heart rate, sleep habit and respiratory rate. These sensors are strategically inserted in shirts and bras, and the data will be transferred to the app, where it will be analysed properly.

Sustainable Sportswear
The fashion and clothing industry is one of the industries that have a massive impact on the environment. Processing raw materials into fabrics results in harmful chemicals, unethical labour practices and contaminated water.

Sustainable sportswear means using recycled materials and eco-friendly processes to produce the fabric needed to create the best workout clothing sets. Materials, such as organic cotton that uses fewer chemicals and recycled nylon, are some of the ways brands practice sustainable fashion.

Getting the Latest Activewear 

Activewear’s versatility and comfort are a must-have for every wardrobe. They are also durable, and with advanced technologies in sportswear, they will help make life easy not just for athletes but also for any individuals who are wanting to have an active lifestyle.

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