Personally, I don’t believe in scales! I think they can be extremely misleading. Here are a few reasons why I don’t believe in them. (Don’t get me wrong, I do still weigh myself to check how I’m going from time to time, I’m not telling you all to go into your bathroom, grab your scale and chuck it out the window haha but I am telling you to NOT ALLOW A NUMBER TO DEFINE WHO YOU ARE AND TO NOT LIVE OR DIE BY WHAT NUMBER YOU SEE ON A SCALE)

Please note: I don’t mind if other people use scales, I don’t necessarily think they are bad if you have a healthy relationship with them. Knowing how much you weigh can be smart, just don’t get obsessed with the numbers as there are just way to many variables that can change these. 

 Here are my reasons below...

  • FLUCTUATION. Our weight naturally fluctuates depending on the time of day, what we have eaten or drunk, your hormones, if you've been to the toilet or not and so on. You can fluctuate a kilo or two depending on the time of the day that you weigh yourself. So always remember to use the scale as a rough guide and take these things into consideration when looking at the number on the scale so that you can avoid a potential never ending cycle of dieting and obsession with weight and how we look.
  • MUSCLE MASS. Muscle ways more than fat, so as you begin weight training you may find that your weight in fact goes up, yet your body fat is going down. That is because muscle weighs more than body fat, so as you increase muscle mass and build that lean toned booty and muscles you may in fact weigh more but you will look and feel better. So the scales can be very misleading based purely on numbers alone.
  • POO! Yep, that’s right. POO MATTERS haha. To me this topic comes natural because guess what? IT IS NATURAL. You are suppose to POO regularly and this is not spoken about like it’s normal when it is. If you do eat a well balanced diet that you go regularly at the exact same time everyday, if so, lucky you but if you don’t move your bowels, there’s defentiley no accounting for the amount of waste inside you when you step on the scale. Truth of the matter, it may even be 1-2kgs. BUT there are plenty of other things your scales do not account for like, muscle mass, when you last ate, uneven floors, different scales, there are simply too many variables.
  • TAKE PROGESS PHOTOS. When I used to manage gyms, I would seriously see clients cry after weighing themselves, it would wreck their whole day! When you take photos (Front, Side and Back) you can get a better indication of how your body is looking, you might not be losing weight or putting on weight but your body fat is dropping and the shape of your body is changing! If you’re on challenge and don’t want to see your “Before” images, my advice would be to get a trusted friend or family member to take the photos and not show you until you feel like you’re starting to see some results. 

I hope this has helped some of you reading this. Us woman tend to compare our weight with other woman. It is sooooo important to remember that no two people’s bodies are the same. We all have different lifestyles, cultures, body types and goals. So, I truly like to go off how I feel and photos not the number I see on the scales.

Love always,

LT. xx

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