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I remember not that long ago I was working my full-time job as a gym manager, doing LT Active Wear on the side, trying to maintain a social life and doing my best to make time for myself. I felt so burnt out that I would forget to eat and when I did I would drive to any local take away drive through and get the quickest meal I could just to get a meal down.
My life felt so stressful, I was working split shifts, running on minimal sleep, looking after a lot of clients who were all going through their own stresses and life challenges that I had to deal with. I found myself giving out all the advice and helping everyone else be the best version of themselves but secretly I was napping in the middle of the day and failing to take care of myself because I was SO exhausted from the work load. 
My life felt like it was on fast forward with no time to sit and enjoy all the good bits, I wasn’t MAKING TIME FOR MYSELF to “stop and smell the roses” or doing any of the things that I enjoyed to do that made me FEEL GOOD. Now this may come across as a little selfish but YOU TRULY DO COME FIRST. Obviously when you’re a Mum your kids come first but if you’re not making time for YOURSELF and trying your best to be the best version of yourself, can you really be the best Mum, the best partner, the best leader, the best employee, the best friend or the best version of yourself for society. Taking care of yourself so you can give back and take care of others is the best way you can look after and give back to those you love. So here are some small simple steps to help make time for YOURSELF:  LEARN HOW TO SAY NO. Cut out the people and the activities that drain you of your enthusiasm, energy and time. Ask yourself the questions, are the friends you hang out with in your spare time inspiring you or draining you? Are they adding to your life and a positive influence on you or are they negative, unmotivated and cynical about life and just draining you? If you know me personally you would know how much of a home body I am. In my spare time I seriously love having a good dinner and going down to the local video store (Yes I still do this haha) to watch a good movie. Some people may say “I NEED TO LIVE A LITTLE” or “LIFE IS TOO SHORT” but to be completely honest, I ENJOY doing this over partying or clubbing. Saying no to going out every weekend for example is one very effective method of gaining back both time and energy that you can be working on your goals and dreams. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice girly night out from time to time but I save these nights for someone I will make the time to see and people who add value. 

LEARN TO DELEGATE. Sometimes you can’t do everything on your own. Accepting help or support from people is ok and delegating job roles to people in your life or business is one way to help ease the stress and load on you. Don’t be afraid to ask your family, friends or colleagues to do small things for you that can help you out. 

MAKE THE TIME FOR FITNESS. Endorphins are the chemicals released when you exercise, these make you feel good! That why after a tough workout you feel tired, but mentally amazing! They are always flying high after a workout. I hear the excuse “I don’t have time for the gym or that workout” every single day. But to be honest, if you have the time to watch that TV series, snooze that alarm clock or spend hours scrolling through your Instagram…then YOU HAVE THE TIME FOR A WORKOUT. No it doesn’t have to be at the gym, it can be as simple as a body weight circuit at home or a 20 min walk or swim. 

SET TIME ASIDE FOR THE LITTLE THINGS. Try and set aside a day or time each week to do the shopping, meal prep, fill up the car with petrol, or wash your clothes. Getting a plan and a structure around your day is one sure way to decrease stress. Why run to the store everyday to get a few groceries when you can do one large shop a week, or cook every night when you can do one large prep and cook for three days worth of food, saving you time, energy and stress.

CREATE A DAILY RITUAL. This can be meditating in silence for 10 minutes, having a bath, listening to music or whatever helps to calm you down. Taking a small piece of time out each day to calm your mind and get yourself centered goes a long way to improving your productivity each day.

Creating a ritual for "me" time is essential to dealing with the days stresses. Try and get up 45 minutes before the rest of the family or before you head to work to enjoy a coffee and breakfast in solitude. This can be your time to read, daydream or just bask in the sounds of silence. "Me" time is not something you should feel guilty about. It's nothing more than taking some time to put aside your everyday and treating yourself to an activity that you enjoy. It’s literally time most of us would have spent sleeping. It gives you an opportunity to relax, refocus and recharge. And when you do that, you can come back to your responsibilities with greater focus, commitment and enjoyment. 

EVALUATE THINGS that are wasting your time each day. Do you check your emails constantly and end up spending more time on your computer than you planned? Do you answer personal calls in the middle of your workday? Run to the supermarket daily to pick up dinner rather than plan in advance and shop once? If this sounds like you, you must take the time to organize your responsibilities, and you will gain more free time than you can imagine.

A busy schedule shouldn’t be an excuse for not spending time on things that help you unwind. Try scheduling in a few specific activities for yourself throughout the week and see what a difference it can make. Oh, and if you're you're still having trouble to find time just try looking at how you're currently spending you spare minutes or hour... SWAP THEM OUT TO CREATE TIME FOR YOU! 

Love always,

Lisa Trujillo. xx

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