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As some of you guys know I am a massive advocate for taking care of and looking after your skin! Clear skin is something that a lot of women struggle with daily, for me it is a two fold, I’ll be honest and say I’ve also been blessed with genetically clear skin from my genetics however I also take really good care of my skin. (REALLY GOOD CARE) I absolutely love discovering new products and new skin treatments. Looking after my skin is something I’m strongly passionate about and helps to give me a lot of confidence. I love knowing I can get up in the morning with a fresh face, minimal makeup and walk around without stressing about my skin breaking out everywhere.

There are so many different products I have used and I could write you a list as long as my arm, however I’ll stick to the basics for this blog. I’m now in a great routine with the products I use and that’s because they work together.

Here are a few things I do to keep my skin feeling fresh, glowing, and reduce any pigmentation.

SLEEP. Get your beauty sleep…actually! Sleep is when your body repairs itself so ensuring that you get at least 7-8 hours sleep a night will go a long way towards helping decrease stress and increase cell repair in your body.

Also getting more collagen into your diet will help a lot as well. Collagen is the thing that gives your skin elasticity so that it bounces back. That’s why I love using a protein powder like NOWAY from ATP Science or collagen tablets from the chemist that are easy to help get extra collagen in. Make sure you eat lots of protein, fresh fruits, good fats, vegetables in a balanced diet and drink lots of water. It is all the simple things that make the biggest difference.

NO MAKEUP DURING SWEATY WORKOUTS OR TO BED. Whenever I do this I start to see little break outs, oily and clogged pores. (EW!) Even if you have a night light or super tired, try your best to make the time to wash your face before bed or even use a baby wipe. Your skin will definitely thank you later. ;) 

When it comes to skin products the following are my personal list of “Must have’s” products. (All available from Evolution Lazer Clinics. Evole Skin care range.)

  1. Hydro Cleanse: I use this first thing in the morning when I wake up, after a sweaty workout to cleanse my face, before bed or to remove makeup. It is anti-inflammatory, non-irritating and a gentle cleanser which I keep in my shower to help remove dirt and impurities. It keeps my skin feeling clean, fresh and never dry!
  2. Hyalouric Serum: After I cleanse I put my Hyalouroic Serum (My favourite product) I call this “Botox in a bottle”! It keeps my skin hydrated, plumped and glowing. I also used this product like no tomorrow when I’ve had a peel or heavy skin treatment to keep heal and recover.
  3. Hydrate Moisturiser: On top of my Serum I put the Hydrate Moisturiser. This helps to maintain that luminous glow and is especially amazing for winter when I’m feeling dry or if you’ve been out in the sun.

Those three I feel are my “Must haves” and a start when trying to get your skin back to the best version. However, there are a few others which I also use and really like.

When I know it’s going to be a hot day, and I plan to go on a walk, run an outdoor bootcamp, in the sun at the markets or pop ups I wear my Sun Defence Zinc Protection instead of my Hydrate Moisture. This gives provides your skin with a high level of protection against aging or the burning effects of UV rays! SOOOO IMPORTANT, especially growing up, I still remember being 15 and sunbaking in the sun all day with no sun protection. I’m so glad I picked up on this earlier on, I know so many ladies in there 40+ now regretting this.

Moving on from this I make sure that I always use a great Eye Cream! Nothing worse than when people come up to you and say “Are you ok? You look sick today” I know most of us have heard this at some stage in our lives. No. lol, I’m just tired and have dark circles under my eyes. This is something I make sure I use morning and night to help contour and plump fine lines and crows feet!

To finish off, I don’t go a day without using my Lucas Paw Paw cream on my lips. I also use a small amount around my ears or nose when I’m feeling extremely dry. I love to use a lot on my lips to keep them soft and looking lush. This really helps to stop them from cracking. So simple to keep this cream in your handbag, gym bag or pocket!

Other skin treatments I get done every 1-2 months.

  1. Skin needling.
  2. RF. Skin resurfacing treatment.
  3. Led Night.
  4. Microdermabrasion. 

I mix and match, depending how my skin I looking, feeling and what the professionals recommend.


Remember, I am not a skin specialist, I’m just speaking from my own personal experience of what works for me.

Love always,

LT. xx

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